R1200CLC | chrome mane padme um

V-Belt replacement

BMW recommends that you change the alternator belt on your oilhead engine every 36,000 miles. It is literally a fifteen minute job. One of the easiest maintenance tasks you will ever do.
Your alternator belt lives under the shiny chrome plated front cover with the beautiful BMW blue and white enamel logo in the top picture. Oh. Wait a minute. Yours is most likely behind a matte black flimsy and dingy plastic cover. Annie, being an R1200CLC, is of course possessed of a unique eximious pulchritude which may make you drool in envy. Sorry… No longer in production. Either way, it’s in the position indicated by the white arrow.
Your alternator cover removes with four screws. Annie’s are torx head. Some are hex head. In the second picture, you see the cover removed. There’s the upper pulley. It’s held tight by three bolts, at 12, 4, and 8 o’clock from the pulley. You can see the top one, halfway up a slot. The other two are hidden behind the telelever. Just loosen these three a couple of turns, and the upper pulley will slide down, releasing the belt for you. The belt comes right off easy as pie.
In the third pic you see the new belt going on. You can see you have plenty of slack to pop the old one off and the new one on. Look at the top bolt slid down to the bottom of its slot, and compare that with the picture above. That’s the idea.
Now tighten the new belt. BMW recommends special belt tightening tool number WAS-TE-OFM-ON-EY. Not having that tool, I used my own custom tool number SCRA-PO-FWO-OD. If you don’t have one, you can borrow mine. Snug up the bolts. There are official torque values for these three bolts. I defy you to fit a torque wrench in there without pulling the engine. Just make it tight. It ain’t rocket surgery.
This is an excellent time, while your cover is off, to keep your pulchritude nice and eximious. So scrub your chrome while you can get to it easily.
Four screws back on. You’re done.
Chrome mane padme um