R1200CLC | chrome mane padme um


Radio Manual
The CLC comes with a "Supplementary Rider's Manual". From that title, you would never know that this is the booklet which tells you how to use the CD / Radio buttons mounted on your handlebars. Here is a PDF scanned from that manual.
Brake Bleed Procedures
Dana Hager and Charles Gilman have written a very detailed manual with good pictures showing how to bleed the ABS brake system on your CLC. Download this pdf, print it, and learn how easy it is to save one huge maintenance bill every year. And if you want to get all technical about it, you can even make this special adapter to help you funnel the new juice into your system.
General Maintenance
The Oilhead Maintenance Manual covers everything from valve adjustment to throttle body butterfly bushing wear (say that 3 times fast)
Valve Adjustment
The OVAD (Oilhead Valve Adjustment for Dummies) is a great read as well as a great guide. Read it first; fall off your chair; then read it again and see if this time you can stop laughing long enough to adjust your valves.
V Belt Replacement
BMW recommends that you change the alternator belt on your oilhead engine every 36,000 miles. It is literally a fifteen minute job. One of the easiest maintenance tasks you will ever do.

Service Manual
About as close as you will get to a comprehensive manual with schematics, drawings of the innards, and the whole nine yards.

Repair Manual
About as close as you will get to a comprehensive repair manual. This is big; so you may prefer to download half at a time. So here are the first 150 pages and here are the second 150 pages
Basic Service Manual
The name speaks for itself.

Gearbox Manual
Hope you never need it. This is actually for the C, not the CLC; but it's as close as I have.
Training Manual
You know the kid who works on your bike in the dealer's shop? The one who only took the job to get a discount on the plastic parts for his crotch rocket which he wrecks every weekend? This is what he read when he took your CL out of the crate and put it together so they could roll it out on the showroom floor. Whether you want to read this and double-check his work... that's up to you.
CLC Clutch Job
This is a huge 36 megatroid download, because it is replete with ample hi res detailed photos. Excellent write up of the whole gory clutch job.